Photography Pamela Beard Wheeler

Shooting and Sharing

I shoot at least 50,000 shots a year. Themes vary, but I like how photography turns me into a slow-motion being as I follow the light and the shadows and the colors.

Sometimes I shoot with my "Big Boy" Nikon D700. Sometimes with my iPhone. My new best friend in the FujfilmX-T2. I feel like I am holding the world in my hand it is so light and accurate.

I tell at least 365 tales a year -  both small and tall. Ask anyone. Give me a strong cup of black coffee and off I go. I can write anywhere. Moleskin notebooks are the best. Post-it notes an absolute necessity, although I am down to 3 a day now so pretty proud of myself for that accomplishment. 

Tiny camera or tiny note. Big camera or big paper. Doesn't really matter as long as I shoot and share.